Strive for 12-15 banks that meet Basel II capital adequacy

By 2020, commercial banks apply Basel II capital adequacy ratios, with 12 to 15 banks meeting their capital adequacy levels under Basel II.

The Government has just promulgated the Government's Action Program to implement Resolution No. 07-NQ / TW dated 18/11/2016 of the Politburo on guidelines and measures to restructure the state budget and public debt management. To ensure a secure, sustainable national finance.

In particular, for the banking sector, it is necessary to further restructure credit institutions; To fundamentally and thoroughly handle bad debts and weak credit institutions in forms suitable to the market mechanism on the principle of prudence, ensuring the interests of depositors and maintaining stability and security. the whole system; By 2020, commercial banks will apply Basel II capital adequacy ratios, with 12 to 15 banks meeting their capital adequacy levels under Basel II; Strive to reduce the level of interest rates that are competitive against the average interest rates in the ASEAN-4.

Institutional improvement, especially policies, tools, indicators for public debt monitoring, public debt management apparatus, ensuring compliance with the Constitution and relevant laws, in accordance with international practice. , To comprehensively control the risk and effectiveness of public debt. Strictly control public debt, national external debt annually within the limits, set goals; Ensure adequate reserve for potential risks; Restructure public debt to minimize debt maturity, refinancing risk, liquidity, exchange rates, interest rates, credit; Ensure full repayment in due time. Close monitoring of lending, use of funds from non-state budget funds for purposes of the budget.

Strengthening the discipline and discipline of finance - state budget and public debt. Specifically, tightening fiscal discipline, budget, public debt; To make revenues and expenditures within the scope of estimates, borrowings and disbursements within the plans and the limits decided by competent authorities; To promulgate mechanisms and policies only when financial sources are available; To minimize the advance of estimates, transfer of sources and adjustment of the total investment in programs and projects funded with loans; Completely handle construction debt and not generate new debt. To enhance the settlement of completed projects funded by the State capital, thoroughly settle the situation of settlement settlements and strictly implement sanctions for handling of violations in the settlement of completed projects.

Failing to transfer loans for re-lending or guaranteeing the Government into state budget allocations; To not use the state budget to restructure state enterprises, handle bad debts of the State-owned commercial banks system, grant charter capital to commercial credit institutions, or contribute capital shares to financial institutions. Main international. New loans are only made after fully assessing the impact on the size of public debt and ability to repay in the medium term.

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