Three knots are removed in the resolution of bad debt

As a longtime banker, directly involved in the bank's bad debt management, Nguyen Duc Huong, chairman of the board of LienVietPostBank, understands nowadays to handle a case related to Collateral that becomes bad debt it difficult, how complex.

IMF warns that Vietnam's credit growth is too fast

Vietnam's credit / GDP ratio is nearing the level of previous macroeconomic instability, suggesting potential risks ahead.

Fears of bad debt will increase in Q2 financial statement

According to some experts, the resolution only applies to the bad debts as of 15/08/2017 will lead to the possibility that many banks recorded additional bad debt in the second quarter.

Resolution dealing with bad debt applies to the before 15/8/2017, so how bad debt after that time?

The delinquation of bad debt to be dealt with by 15/8/2017, according to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, is to secure resources to focus on dealing with bad credit that is hindering the operation of the system. Bank, avoid the CI may abuse the provisions of the Resolution.

Cleft 'clots': Who benefits the most?

Congress has passed a resolution on dealing with bad debt. This is a step that can be taken to help clear up the bad debt thru the whole economy.

Viewing angle: Congress does not push bad debt on the future

Can be considered in terms of words, associated with the existing practice, at the resolution of the resolution of bad debts that the National Assembly just issued...

Strive for 12-15 banks that meet Basel II capital adequacy

By 2020, commercial banks apply Basel II capital adequacy ratios, with 12 to 15 banks meeting their capital adequacy levels under Basel II.

From August, depositors will be insured up to 75 million

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has just signed Decision No. 21/2017 / QD-TTg on insurance premiums.

Bank and "fight" Fintech

According to experts, to promote e-banking and Fintech development in the banking sector requires new law-making thinking to create a legal corridor that allows customers to be able to deal with banks at all times. , Everywhere, rather than having to make transactions at traditional bank branches.

Hot Growth Credit: Be cautious with "bubble"

High credit growth shows that the demand for capital of the economy is huge, but the quality and efficiency of credit flows is a matter of concern.

Governor of the State Bank: The next 5 years will generate more bad debts about 350,000 billion

According to the banking sector, with an average growth rate of 16% per annum for the economy, NPLs in the next five years are projected at VND350 trillion. If you only deal with old bad debt, bad debt will continue to encounter mechanism problems.

Increase credit to increase GDP?

Delegates proposed increasing aggregate demand to ensure GDP growth of 6.7% this year...
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