Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung pointed out four major bottlenecks in handling bad debts

One of the bottlenecks in dealing with bad debt is the handling of collateral. But Hung argued that lack of law was not the main cause but a failure to enforce the law fully.

World Bank: 4 pillars for Vietnam to handle bad debt

WB mission proposed 4 main pillars to support the handling of bad debt for Vietnam, namely the pillars: modernizing the financial sector; Consolidation of banking regulation and supervision; Restructure and process subprime banks and assets; Consolidate macro security monitoring.

Should learning Korean, People contribute money to handle bad debt?

According to economic expert Bui Trinh, many countries take the budget to handle bad debt , it is their job because they are different from Vietnam.

Banks are facing many risks in terms of technology security and information security

Deputy Governor of the State Bank emphasized that the security and safety in banking activities still face difficulties, exist and face big challenges and requires special attention from the banking industry.

Changes in insurance policy from June 2017

From May 6/2017, a number of policies on social insurance will be adjusted, which is the premium rate insurance fund for labor accidents and occupational diseases; To calculate pensions for military personnel, police and cipher; The payment of medical supplies to people with health insurance and adjustment of medical expenses for people without health insurance.

Official issuance of debt trading business conditions

The Ministry of Finance has issued Circular No. 53/2017 / TT-BTC guiding the implementation of the Government's Decree No. 69/2016 / ND-CP on conditions for dealing in debt trading services . Circular applies to the enterprise business services debt trading; Organizations and individuals wishing to deal in debt purchase and sale services and concerned agencies, organizations and individuals.

Five solutions to monetary policy from now until the end of the year

One of the solutions that the regulator is paying attention to is deliberate intervention in the foreign exchange market in case of unbalanced supply and demand of foreign currency to ensure that the exchange rate does not fluctuate excessively, Stabilizing the market, limiting speculation, keeping foreign currencies ...

Bad debt in small and medium enterprises is very low, the high rate falls into big business

According to Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dang Huy Dong, we do not misunderstand for SMEs to borrow much, leading to bad debt.At a press conference following the PM's Meeting with Enterprises on May 17, the reporter questioned the Government on the charges for accessing capital, facilitating capital for small and medium enterprises Increasing capital for these objects is contrary to the objectives set…

The Decree on appraisal of the starting price of bad debt and collateral for bad debt is coming

At the Resolution of the Government's regular meeting in April 2017, the Government assigned the State Bank to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Ministry of Justice and the Government Office in collecting opinions of the Government on the revision and finalization of this Decree. Prime Minister signed before May 15.

Credit rose the most 8 years, should worry about the "bubble"?

According to BVSC, high credit growth is a positive signal, showing a good absorption of capital of the economy, but also raised concerns about the risk of credit bubble appearing, as happened. Out of the 2009 period when credit growth is hot.

Why interest rates in Vietnam is higher than other countries in the region?

The governor of the SBV said that comparing figures with some regional countries such as Myanmar, lending rates at 13% / year, Indonesia at 11.9% / year, Thailand at 6.3% Singapore is 5.4% per year, the level of lending interest in VND in Vietnam is about 6-11% per year, interest rates in foreign currency in 3-4% is still relatively reasonable. With macroeconomic correlation.

Apply Basel II: What is the bank's benifit?

For Basel, all risks must be quantified by specific numbers and this number will show how much capital the bank needs to make up for the risk.From the lessons learned of the world's financial crises, strengthening risk management and financial capacity is the optimal solution for commercial banks to stand up to fluctuations. Unpredictability of the financial market. When applying Basel II capital adequacy standards,…
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