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  1. Development and design of life and health&protection products. Development of pricing models.
  2. Analysis of accident & hospitalization rate and premium adequacy. Support for accounting under international standards.
  3. Analysis of reserve adequacy for losses incurred. Estimate of IBNR losses.
  4. Projection and evaluation of businesses and products.
  5. Design insurance products for employees welfare of enterprises
  6. Consult on Solvency II


  1. Basel 2, Basel 3 implementation
  2. Evaluation and development of Financial Risk Management models, Qualitative and Quantitative Models.
  3. Development of scoring and rating models for the credit risk management.
  4. Assets and Liabilities Management (ALM), treasury book models (Value at Risk).
  5. Development of stress scenarios for the types of risks: operational risk, market risk & liquidity, credit risk
  6. Optimal Asset structure to minimize the risks and regulation capital adequacy


  1. Consult on models for financial forecasting, valuation models for business, shares, derivatives, intangible asset, optimal asset allocation
  2. Business plan development and investment projects
  3. Design optimal capital structure in order to optimize shareholders’ interests





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