Fred Vacelet, FRM, PRM

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Fred is a trainer and consultant, developing and delivering, in various continents, public and private training programs for senior bankers, including general risk management, Basel Accords, stress-testing, ICLAAP, ALM, model validation, financial and project risk, general finance; acquiring and updating a thorough knowledge of current issues and their solutions, and in-depth research into practical issues as experienced by different institutions in various financial places, building case studies and other exercises for course participants, originated and coming from more than 80 countries; an overwhelming majority of course participants declare that they enjoyed their course and learned a lot

The client list includes ABN Amro, Barclays, Lloyds TSB, CDC Paris, Credit Suisse, DePfa, Deutsche bank, National Bank of Egypt, IBM Consulting, Sungard, the UK Regulatory body (then FSA, now PRA/FCA), Reuters and numerous other institutions of various countries and sizes.

Students talked about Fred:

"I attended a seminar conducted by Fred a few years ago. It was enjoyable, informative and well-thought through. Fred made discussions run quite actively amongst participants. In particular, the case studies discussed were quite fun as well as instructive." - Zernil Lurthanathan, Director, Group Risk, Business Management Office at CIMB

"As a central banker, I'd say that I have learnt a lot from Fred. He is a great instructor and I would strongly recommend his training in Risk appetite, stress-testing, governance fields. The training was not a theory but it was a practical and case-study." - Sara Almadani, Senior Financial Economist at the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia

"Fred is a true expert when it comes to financial risk management, he can spot potential shortfalls in an approach a mile out. He enjoys passing his knowledge on and has stayed close to PRMIA and GARP since their foundation. It’s been an honor to have worked with him!" - Michael Berns, AI & FinTech Leader | Author | Keynote Speaker | PwC Europe

"Fred ran a very successful GARP Financial Risk Manager (FRM) study group at IBM, several of whom went on to senior roles at banks and risk software vendors. With his characteristic humour, Fred not only taught us the risk manager exam material but also how to think like good sceptical risk managers" - Martin Campbell, Director, Market, Credit, and Liquidity Risk at Mizuho Securities Europe

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