Take a test to understand your Capacity in Finance and Risk Management


1. Start-Up business Risk Taker Self-Quiz

If courage and risk-taking are traits necessary for success, how much of a business risk taker are you?

Take this 10-question quiz to find out your business risk taking aptitude.


2. Risk management Quiz

Do you work in the field of Risk Management or are you interested in participating in this field? Do you know all the types of risk that your business / bank may face?

Do you dare to do the following test to see your level of knowledge?


 3. Operational Risk management Quiz

Operational risk can occur to anyone, to individual or business in all areas of industries. In your day-to-day activities, have you understood about this type of risk? Do you know how to manage it effectively?

Take the following test to see how much you know about this type of risk.



 4. Investor Knowledge Quiz

You love investing, you participate in the stock market? You are an expert in an investment fund or a Bank?. Are you have confident in your investment?

Please try the following test to see how much you know?



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