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New developments in systematic balancing of the whole system, coupled interbank interest rates fell continuously...

On May 11th, after a long time, the market began to record the phenomenon of banks generally "crippled" liquidity support, the demand for loans in this channel has fallen to the lowest level since the beginning of the year.

Specifically, in the open market operations, yesterday (May 11), the State Bank continued to offer on the pledge channel, showing clearly and lasting since the beginning of the year, after the Lunar New Year now.

However, as in recent sessions, the offer size has been very low, only VND1 trillion with 7-day term, 5% interest rate. And yesterday, the credit organizations only absorbed 540 billion, "backlog" 460 billion.

Only one session is timed, but the results reflect the current situation: the liquidity of the banking system has been rebalanced, after the first quarter of the year the State Bank must continuously support.

Throughout the first quarter, the State Bank maintained the amount of capital support liquidity system scale from 27,000 to 30,000 billion, through the said pledge channel. Along with the phenomenon "backlog" on 11/5, the capital support has also reduced sharply to 6,540 billion.

In regulating capital, the State Bank usually uses the treasury bill, issued to draw money in the system when there are signs of excess; Using open market operations, mortgage loans to pump money to support the system when there is a problem of local liquidity.

So far, with the above developments, the same issue of bills has stopped completely from about two months ago, the liquidity of commercial banks is quite balanced.

Reflecting the situation, interest rates in VND in the interbank market also significantly reduced in recent sessions. On May 11th, the average VND interest rate on the market continued to decrease by 0.02 - 0.16 percentage points; Overnight rates also fell back to 4.56% pa after anchoring around 5% a year earlier.

The state of self-balancing liquidity and the State Bank of Vietnam to reduce subsidized loans as mentioned above in the context of credit growth system from the beginning of the year to date.

According to a report published by the National Financial Supervisory Commission, it is estimated that by the end of April 2017, credit grew by 5.2% (4.2% over the same period in 2016).

Notably, in the first quarter of last year, some commercial banks have experienced rapid credit growth, a remarkable and less noticeable phenomenon at the beginning of the year. For example, in the first quarter of 2017, credit growth of LienVietPostBank reached 11%, Kienlong Bank 10.3%, SCB 9%, ACB 8.3% and Vietcombank up 8.3%.

According to the National Financial Supervisory Commission, the liquidity of the banking system has shown signs of partial difficulty. As a result, demand for credit rose sharply from the beginning of the year, while deposit growth was lower (about 3.7% versus 5.2% after 4 months); There is also the need to restructure capital of some commercial banks with high medium and long term loans to meet the requirements of Circular 06/2016 / TT-NHNN.

However, with the developments and some manifestations in the open market and the interbank market mentioned above, liquidity and self-balancing capacity of the system in general are more active now.

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