Banks are facing many risks in terms of technology security and information security


Deputy Governor of the State Bank emphasized that the security and safety in banking activities still face difficulties, exist and face big challenges and requires special attention from the banking industry.

On May 31, 2017, in Hanoi, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) held an online conference to implement some contents on the task of ensuring the security and safety of banking operations, especially Is to ensure safety, network security and safety in card payment activities.

According to the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Governor Dao Minh Tu emphasized that the State Bank organized an online conference to implement some contents on security and safety operation. In the present situation, this is the largest conference ever of the banking sector on the security and safety in banking activities with the units of the SBV. State-owned commercial banks, credit institutions and Category 1 branch managers of commercial banks and online to 63 State Bank branches in provinces and cities.

In recent years, Vietnam has become more and more deeply integrated into the international market and developed its market economy. The banking system has also developed in terms of asset size, capital, and network. However, besides the opportunities, the banking sector faces many difficulties and challenges. Competition and business activities are increasingly under pressure and risk. The socio-economic situation in the world and in the country is complicated, crime increased.

In particular, the development of science and technology, on the one hand, helps banks to provide modern banking services, utility for customers, but on the other hand, banks also face many security risks. Security technology, information security ... The above poses great difficulties and challenges for the security and safety of banking operations in the current situation.

"Aware of these issues, the State Bank of Vietnam has been concerned for many years to direct the units in the industry to implement synchronous solutions to ensure the security and safety of banking operations. Policies, regulations on information security, network security, safety of treasury and mobilization of savings deposits are regularly reviewed, promulgated, amended and supplemented to meet real requirements. money. Infrastructure, technology, facilities of the State Bank of Vietnam are constantly being invested and modernized. CIs have also actively applied international standards on security, security and implementation of many solutions, especially investment in equipment and modern technological infrastructure, in order to ensure security and safety. Banking operations, treasury, payment systems, information technology. The banking industry has also regularly coordinated with functional agencies such as: The Ministry of Public Security, the Court, and the Procuracy in the prevention of crimes related to the financial sector. However, the work of ensuring security and safety in banking activities still faces difficulties, persists and faces great challenges, requiring the banking industry to pay special attention, "said Deputy Governor Dao Minh. Linking words.

The conference aims at analyzing and evaluating the achievements as well as the shortcomings, weaknesses and challenges in ensuring network security, payment operations, treasury safety, To save, set out the tasks and solutions to enhance the security and safety of banking operations in the coming time. To that end, the meeting focused on clarifying the following main contents: Firstly, the work of ensuring the security and safety of the treasury system of the banking system and some measures to ensure safety at Bank headquarters; Secondly, the situation and measures to ensure network safety and security; Third, the situation and solutions to ensure safety in card payment activities; Fourth, some safety issues in the management of savings deposit operations.

At the meeting, representatives of C45, C50 leaders - Ministry of Public Security shared a number of measures to ensure safety at the bank's premises, ensure network safety and security and ensure safety in payment operations. card…

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