Should learning Korean, People contribute money to handle bad debt?


According to economic expert Bui Trinh, many countries take the budget to handle bad debt , it is their job because they are different from Vietnam.

"Anything is possible, but not directly subsidized for bad debts in cash directly from the budget."; "Do not use the budget for dealing with bad debt, which is the principle that should be clearly stated in the resolution." "Definitely not take the state budget to deal with bad debt . Even government guarantee does not use the budget. So, Article 3 is the principle of not using the budget to handle bad debt. "

These are the opinions of National Assembly deputies in the discussion session on the resolution of bad debt resolution . Most deputies in the National Assembly support the issuance of a resolution to deal with bad debt at the moment is very necessary, even opinions are considered too late compared with practical needs. And most notably, most of the participants shared the view not to use the budget to handle bad debt .

Meanwhile, there is the idea that in South Korea, people donate money to handle bad debt , should we learn this lesson? Exchanging with us about this issue, economist - TS. Bui Trinh said in Vietnam bad debts go round, if the budget to handle bad debt is not recommended.

According to the expert, many countries donate money to deal with bad debts , it is their job is very different from Vietnam. In Vietnam this can not be applied. For example, in Korea, everything is transparent when it comes to knowing who owes and owes who?

TS. Bui Trinh emphasized that the proposal to use the budget to deal with bad debts is unreasonable. The giants use the money to buy a home, buy a car, ... why do people pay for these people?

In Vietnam, the bad debt goes round it is not to mention the valuation of assets is still inadequate. When the real asset is not so, who dares to buy bad debt has been inflated by the value of the property.

Meanwhile, all of them said that solving bad debt to reduce the interest rate of 1% while the electricity price, gasoline price, ... increase does not help input costs for businesses reduce. In addition, it is necessary to handle severely individuals, organizations causing bad debt not to suffer people. Personal assignments that cause bad debt also need to be dealt with.

The expert also questioned whether the sale of bad debt under book value, who suffered the difference or is the people suffered?

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