Viewing angle: Congress does not push bad debt on the future


Can be considered in terms of words, associated with the existing practice, at the resolution of the resolution of bad debts that the National Assembly just issued ...

On June 21, the National Assembly passed a resolution on dealing with bad debt. Milestone 15/8/2017 is determined, closing the exchanges between petitions and views.

At first there was disappointment. Because the mechanism of this resolution only supports bad debts from that landmark, rather than extending the future of the entirety.

Specifically, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly said that to ensure the implementation of the objective of dealing with bad debts of credit institutions to less than 3%, on the other hand, this is a specific pilot resolution to resolve the loan Bad debt has arisen in the past, so it is necessary to have appropriate policies to deal with bad debts arising from credit operations implemented before the effective date of the resolution, 8/2017.

But, read carefully, Congress has the necessary consensus and support to move quickly, actually bad debt, without pushing the future for future generations.

That is, "bad debts arising from credit operations before the effective date of the resolution, determined as 15/8/2017.

In the above content, the scope is not limited to the bad debt, but the expansion of bad debts arising from credit operations implemented before 15/8/2017. That coverage includes all loans signed before August 15, 2017.

Firstly, about 5.5 billion billion outstanding loans of credit institutions to the economy has now signed before that time.

Second, for the future, if there are loans from long-term credit, 2-3 years, or 5 years, before 15/15/2017, if later bad debt is still applied. The resolution, as it emerged from the credit term before the term as the above.

The above is an understandable, one-sided perspective, in part recognizing Congress has consensus and has facilitated maximum to promote dealing with bad debt.

The words and ideas in the resolution, if interpreted in the above direction with the system of credit institutions, market and market in accordance with international practices, has already met the full satisfaction.

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