Private businesses still find it difficult to access credit

General Secretary of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam said that many small and medium enterprises still have difficulty accessing credit.

Although the Government, the State Bank and credit institutions have introduced many measures to facilitate the private sector, the practice shows that access to credit by private enterprises is still difficult. Facility on loan conditions on collateral, financial reports ...

Speaking at the online seminar "Unraveling the bottleneck in accessing credit capital of private enterprises" organized by the Government Information Portal on the afternoon of July 26, Mr. To Hoai Nam, Deputy General Secretary of Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises said that small-scale enterprises find it more difficult to obtain bank loans than large enterprises.

The bank wants to lend more to a large business than to borrow hundreds of small businesses, said To Hoai Nam in fact.

Explaining this, the Secretary General of the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises said that domestic small and medium enterprises find it difficult to prove business efficiency and transparent financial reporting to convince commercial banks. Money lending

In addition, the business plan of small and medium enterprises is not very convincing, the counterpart fund when participating in the project is low, the value of collateral is low, the reliability is not as high as The big business, To Hoai Nam frankly shared.

According to Nam, in order to remove difficulties in accessing capital, enterprises must first improve capacity and transparency of financial statements. On the bank side, the policy also has, the problem is to act, have to change prudent thinking, creating breakthroughs in security assets.

Banks have had to redesign the conditions for businesses to borrow, the bankers have to "take it harder" and pay more attention to private sector enterprises, Nam proposed.


According to Tran Ngoc

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